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Project Life

Project Life Everyday Edition Photo Overlays - 380592

Project Life Everyday Edition Photo Overlays - 380592

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Use these overlays to add text and graphics to your photos without the use of your computer! They are perfectly clear with white and gold foil printing so only the details will show on top of your image - just place it on top of your photo or solid colored cards and slide them right into one of our Photo Pocket Pages. The overlays in this set coordinate perfectly with the Everyday Edition designed by Liz Tamanaha. Package contains a total of 12 Overlays: (8) 4” x 6” overlays and (4) 3” x 4” overlays. NOTE: Our overlays come with a protective film that should be removed before use to achieve ultra clarity. The film can be tricky to see, but is placed on the back side of the design.

CLICK HERE to see what all of the overlays in this collection look like - you can even download and save (and print, if you like) the PDF for future reference!


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