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Waffle Flower

Waffle Flower 6.5x8.5 Grip Mat - WFT074

Waffle Flower 6.5x8.5 Grip Mat - WFT074

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The Waffle Flower Grip Mat is designed to gently hold your cardstock in place when stamping, stenciling, and more!

Made from high-quality photopolymer, this mat takes advantage of the natural stickiness of the material to grip papers without any adhesives or glues. Since the stickiness is a natural property of the photopolymer, you can use this mat over and over again. The Waffle Flower Grip Mat reduces taping significantly so you can spend more time playing!

This 6.5x8.5 Grip Mat can be used in place of the black foam piece in the original size stamp positioning tool. Use the included printed Guide either below or above the mat to aid your placement when needed. If the mat loses its cling, simply clean with water or mild soap. Return to transparent sheet for storage.


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